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An analogy is a signpost

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Dorkface McGee
I am a crazy crane. I lost my true love in the rain.

V Mignon is a writer whose narrative inclinations were fueled by existential giant robo shows and JRPGs with nameless protagonists in adolescence. Now she watches Luis Bunuel films while wearing her surrealist manifesto shirt and insists that it all means something when she's listening to Debaser.

I'm writing a novel that refuses to be written. I'll analyze anything, so long as it has a story. I like surrealism and magical realism, especially if they're blended together in one desultory picaresque book. I like stories with ambiguous endings, where past, present, and future all exist at the same time. I am in love with subways and cities. I adore women with hidden faces. They are not holding places where you thought they'd be.

-Master List of Things Analyzed
-Personal Tumblr
-Screencap Tumblr

Published Work/Contests:
-P-oint Magazine Issue 2 ("1DK" and "The Souffle")
-The Persistence of Vision for Postmodernize's 2013 Winter Writing Contest

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