Of Beths and Barbaras

I went out today, on my lone day off, and I found a used bookstore across the street from the city's library. I'm becoming a connoisseur of libraries. I step into them even if I don't have a card and no intention to sign up for one - I want to see how their collections are laid out in their floor plan. This is merely a digression from the important piece of information, though. I was in this used bookstore, scouring titles and author names, when something special happened.

It was in the M section. Henry Miller. I gasped loudly upon seeing the title, the very fact that a store would even carry said book making my day. Ah yes, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. A book I thought I'd never find in physical form. And here it was, just waiting for me. As you can probably imagine, it came home with me. Just like that whole collection of Anna Kavan books someone had generously donated to my local used bookstore. Just like all those Jeanette Winterson books I snatched, ones that I had been told an employee was eyeing.

And then I found a friend in a bloodhound.

I should warn you all now that I have plans for the coming month. My intention is to at least write 50,000 words for In/Out Out/In. The reason why I have always had such a hard time forcing M+I into that NaNoWriMo mold is because it is M+I - I'm far too in it to write carelessly. But this other story with Beth Ortiz is new, I haven't planned much of it, and there's nothing lost with writing about it every single day, spewing words.

I realize now that I haven't said much about the characters of In/Out Out/In, so here's a little bit about each one.

Beth Ortiz is 25 years old. She has brown bobbed hair and bangs, brown eyes that tend to stare at people and things with indifference. Her height is slightly north of 6 feet. Clothing tendencies include t-shirts and jeans, said shirts preferably with musicians on them.

Beth is a big fan of trippy cult films and loves anything by Alejandro Jodorowsky. She's also really into Liquid Sky, which was kind of a childhood film for her. Her favorite musicians are Perrey and Kingsley. But also David Bowie.

Leigh Ortiz is 27 years old, has long brown hair, and a brown-eyed gaze of perpetual judgment. Leigh's height is quite a bit shorter than Beth's, at about 5'7". She has a tendency to wear blouses with cigarette pants and any sartorial additions are all very angular. She is not a fan of the ruffles or the curved seams.

Leigh's favorite film is Clerks and she tends to think of herself as a female Randal. Leigh also loves Perrey and Kingsley. But she's also quite fond of Simon and Garfunkel.

Ernest (Ernie) Sampilo is 17 with short black hair and wide, round brown eyes. He will always tell you what you should probably be doing with your life. He's around 5'8" and doesn't seem to have a designated apparel pattern quite yet, but oscillates between button-down collared shirts and jersey t-shirts with jeans.

Ernie's crazy about Repo Man. Which is a strange film for him to be crazy about, as he was never born in time to know what a dark comedy about the Reagan era would be. His favorite band is Metric, though he can be persuaded to just about anything.

Sebastian Sampilo is 15 years old. According to Ernie, he's a pestilence upon this earth.
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